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Information for new users of the Danfresh website


If you are a first time user of the respiration and simulation tools on the Danfresh website, there a few hints and informations that I would like to give you on the way.

  1. Do you know the respiration rate of your product?

    1. Yes, move on the point 4

    2. No, go to point 2

  2. Its recommended to download the Danfresh handbook from the box below. Members of the Danfresh website has direct access to the download function from the top menu, new users must register before downloading.

  3. Follow the steps in the Danfresh Handbook, and use the respiration rate you have measured.

  4. Members of the Danfresh website can go to the full versions of the tools, via the bottom “Simulations tools”. Non members of the Danfresh website, are requested to use the demo versions of the tools. These demo tools are 100 % identical to the full versions tools, but they are reduced in some input fields, this means that some input values uses default values, f.eks film width / bag height and product weight. These demo tools are made for “non members” for the testing all the functionalities of the website, but the result is linked to a specific packaging size and product weight.  

  5. For access to the full versions of the website, please sign up as a member via the bottom “Plans and Pricing". see also the special promotion package with great discounts.  

Registrer for download of Danfresh handbook

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