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Measuring respiration

The knowledge of the respiration of your product is essential for the optimization of your product, and it is easier than you think. 

You can start to Google your product, and you might find some respiration data that can be used, but who made this data? Is the measured data based on the same sort/variety as your product? Probably not, in most cases this is an unknown piece of information, you can say it is probably similar. In some cases it is, but in other cases it is not.


Our recommendation is to start all optimizing work with measuring the respiration of your product. I have made an user-friendly handbook in measuring respiration. You can find the handbook by pressing here:

Demo measuring respiration

Save will put you data in the explorer folder, the file is called Danfresh respiration reduced + date of today. The load bottum will upload the data back to this calculator

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