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The goal for making this website is a wish to make a guideline for producers, packers and packaging suppliers in optimizing packaging for all fresh produce including whole & cut, mixed salad, vegetables, fruit and berries. Same principles can also be used for the flower industry.

Our personal background is more than 15 years of experience in the fresh produce & packaging industry mainly with a focus on optimizing packaging for all fresh produce and flowers . This website is a culmination of years of knowledge gained through studying fresh produce and packaging. Through years of extensive work and discussions with Universities and business partners, we have gained knowledge and critical insights that was used in the calculations.

While one can attempt to find many references to work by different scientists and post-harvest experts doing a google search, none of that information leads you to precise calculations and determination of optimum conditions. The solutions presented in our website ( allow you to not only analyze the data you collect on your produce but also help you reach the exact determination of conditions for packaging that will yield the optimum shelf life. No other systems allow you to become independent in conducting respiration studies and plug & play with the collected data to determine the optimum conditions for MAP of your produce. As compared to other commercial systems and services available that help measure respiration and determine the packaging conditions that provide the optimum shelf life, this website helps any one become independent, learn on their own and calculate the right packaging that will optimize shelf life, without ever shipping any produce out from your locations thereby saving you un-necessary shipping costs and risks associated with produce age and damage.

Our aim has been to make an easy to understand and a low cost tool which can be used by everyone because we make it easier for the the test procedures to be followed without requiring expensive laboratory facilities.  


Please note, all information on the website are to be used as guidelines. We do not guarantee the shelf life ever as that is dependent on many factors out of our control. 

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