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Reduce foodwaste with the online tools from Danfresh 


With our shelf-life modeling tools, you can
measure and simulate all the information you
will need for optimizing your product

Measuring respiration

Measuring respiration

The knowledge of the respiration rate is essential for optimization of your products and is easier than you think.

simulation tool

Data simulation

With the known respiration rate and the properties of your film, you can simulate all kind of situations in your logistic chain.

Calculkation of mixed products

Calculation of mixed products

Knowing the respiration rate for each product, you can calculate the respiration rate for the total mix, including variations in temperature.

Measuring respiration

The knowledge of the respiration of your product is essential for the optimization of your product, and it is easier than you think. 

You can start to Google your product, and you might find some respiration data that can be used, but who made this data? Is the measured data based on the same sort/variety as your product? Probably not, in most cases this is an unknown piece of information, you can say it is probably similar. In some cases it is, but in other cases it is not.


Our recommendation is to start all optimizing work with measuring the respiration of your product. I have made an user-friendly handbook in measuring respiration. You can find the handbook by pressing here:

Respiration full version 2_tilrettet_sto

Data simulation

When you have a good knowledge of the respiration of your product, you can start calculating the permeability (breathability) of your packing film.


Before you can start your calculation, you must collect the basic data, like film dimensions, material specifications etc. of the packaging.


For a full list of needed information, please refer to this information: 

Calculation full version 2_tilrettet_STO

Calculation of mixed products

You can measure the respiration on mixed products, but we reccomend that you measure each individual product.


When you have measured you individual products you can make you own product data sheet for each product.


By measuring each individual product, you will have the opportunity to calculate the respiration of future product mixes instead of having the need of making a respiration test each time you have new product. 

You can use this simple calculator to calculate the respiration of a mixed product if you have measured the respiration of each product individually. 

Your specialist

in extended shelf-life


DanFresh is a Danish company specializing

in extended shelf-life of packed produce.


We have more than 15 years of expirence of giving guidance for optimal packing solutions to packers of produce worldwide.


The core of our service is measuring produce respiration and modeling data of your product and your packaging and process.


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